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Ealing Extra Care



London Borough of Ealing


Kajima Partnerships, Viridian Housing

Asset Values

Chestnut Lodge – 2,754m2; Elm Lodge – 4,000m2; Sycamore Lodge – 4,511m2; Martin House – 4,111



Kajima is working in partnership with Viridian Housing in the operational management of four registered care homes in the London Borough of Ealing. The developments at Chestnut Lodge, Sycamore Lodge, Elm Lodge and Martin House provide 291 bedroom units, all with en-suite bathrooms and a variety of communal and recreational facilities.

The care homes have been designed to support varying degrees of care for the elderly including dementia and end of life care. The resident’s rooms are set out in cohorts of 16, with each cohort having its own lounge, dining area, kitchen and activity rooms. The arrangement of space creates an environment of community living, social interaction and engagement without institutionalisation.

Care services are provided 24 hours a day through Viridian Housing, who make available optician, chiropody and general GP services.

Fresh food is prepared on site at each location, promoting healthy eating and the provision of food to cater for a varied mix of health, cultural and religious needs.

Kajima recently commenced a benchmarking and market testing exercise to demonstrate value for money and identify economies in the delivery of care and the facilities management services.