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Hertfordshire, Luton & Reading Schools

Hertfordshire, Luton & Reading

Selected Bidder was awarded on the 7 March 2014 for the first batch of the PF2 Priority School Building Programme. The project comprises of the design build and maintain (hard services only) of 7 secondary schools across Hertfordshire, Luton and Reading with a Gross Internal Floor Area of approximately 65,000m2 and a construction cost of around £125m.


Education Funding Agency


Kajima Partnerships Limited
Interserve Investments Limited
Rock Townsend
Interserve Construction Limited
Interserve Facilities Management Limited

Asset Values

65,000 m2


In construction

The design approach is based on a suite of standard design principles and carefully selected range of components which provide sufficient flexibility to create tailored design solutions. 

In order to reduce whole life costs and deliver an efficient building form the architectural designs are predicated on a hierarchy of environmental considerations and passive solutions with the preferred prevailing orientation of general teaching classrooms driving the generic footprint of the accommodation and the location of the new building form across the existing developed sites.

The BBB- rated project is funded by a mix of private equity and debt with private sector capital managed via an aggregated managed fund.