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In the news - Richard Coe discusses the 2018 budget

Tuesday 30 October 2018

The 2018 budget saw Chancellor Philip Hammond announce extra spending for social care and mental health to the value of £2bn. 

Kajima's Senior Development Manager, Richard Coe, commented that "mental health care has traditionally come second in line to physical health services when distributing what little NHS funding we have available. While it is refreshing to see an extra £2bn for crisis services in this year’s budget, this must be matched by genuine investment in the NHS estate.

“Much of the NHS estate remains hidebound by decaying, old-fashioned buildings, and ultimately solutions lie not just in promising funding but in changing how healthcare is physically accessed and delivered. It is absolutely critical therefore that we have the facilities purpose designed to support these new services so that the NHS’ ability to actually deliver them is not compromised.

“Effectively treating mental health means not merely having adequate crisis care services but an integrated system of rehabilitation and recovery supported by modern, community-centred buildings, with hospitals no longer viewed merely as standalone treatment centres but as part of the wider community. Ultimately if we are to provide modern mental health care we must have the modern infrastructure to match.” 

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